Jorge Casado, 100 Second games

Jorge Casado Rodríguez, born 26 June 1989, native of Madrid, but with roots in Extremadura by their maternal and paternal families.

Casado Ponferradina

Vallecano side got yesterday, Sunday 31 from January, play your game number 100 Second Division. 100 matches 3 plus seasons spread over:

  • 2012-2013 – Real Madrid Castilla -> 39 partidos
  • 2013-2014 – Real Madrid Castilla -> 27 partidos
  • 2014-2015 – Real Betis -> 15 partidos
  • 2015-2016 – Ponferradina -> 19 partidos

Casado gol Castilla

100 games he has scored Jorge Casado 2 goles (the 2 -kick) and it helped their respective teams with big assists (más de 10) and remote control centers from the left flank.

Jorge is characterized by a very strong player in the air, fast and strong in defense, with a large overflow in the attack and a great kicking ball. Its powerful throw always brings the set pieces, and it is usually studied by opponents to stop them.

In these seasons, Jorge Casado obtained the best classification of Real Madrid Castilla in its history, becoming captain of Castilla and be one of the leaders of the white branch.

Casado capitán Castilla

These achievements led to several First Division teams showed interest in the white squad, finally he decided to join Real Betis. Betis, He had the objective of promotion to First Division, which it was obtained in June 2015.

Casado Real Betis

This year in the ranks of the Ponferradina has regained confidence in himself and in his football. Soccer had no opportunity to show how he would have liked in Seville, where he had occasional lock. You now have the affection of the fans of the Bierzo, who has seen a player who leaves everything on the field every game.

Casado Ponferradina

From MRH Football want to congratulate our player for their 100 games because we know that work always pays off and in the case of Jorge Casado, we can say that the work and nobility are two of his many qualities as a professional and as a person.