This area is one of the important pillars of this company. From cadets to professionals, our work is especially focused in having a close relationship with our players, to provide them maximum comfort and confidence in our company, where we work to help them to achieve their aspirations and goals in every point.

We keep track of our players at a training level and workweeks, when the player feels he is being supported by every component of our company.

Our key points are honesty, transparency and close relationship, working and treating our agreements in a private, efficient and professional way.

We have professionals from this sports world who have lived very close to this work.

Besides the sports field, we provide facilities to our players and we offer them the finance agency with what we work, and this agency have great professionals in legal and finance areas to provide our players financial, tax and accounting advice giving them a better management of their incomes and patrimony.

Another service offered to our representatives is oriented the welfare of the players and their families. To achieve it, we take care of every detail which helps the players to be focused in their work, so they can spend time with their families, giving them the comfort they need.